Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Now Playing in HorrorLand???

Hey, everyone! SuperLuke checking in! My sister and I are still hard at work trying to figure out who Monster-X is. We have a feeling that he's the key to all the strange stuff going on at HorrorLand.

With all the info we've collected so far, we decided to start calling and e-mailing places in HorrorLand. SCARY places like Stagger Inn and Black Lagoon Water Park and even Monster Police headquarters.

First, my sister and I called Stagger Inn but only got a recorded message. (Um, apparently Horrors have answering machines.) But get this: The voice on the other end greeted us BY OUR NAMES! And not even our code names, "SuperLuke" and &"LM1." The machine greeted me and my sister by our REAL names!

It was like they were expecting us to call. Totally creepy!!!

I freaked out and hung up the phone, but my sister told me to call back. (I asked why she couldn't do it, but she said she had to work on her maps. I knew she was scared. Duh.) When I did call back, it was only a normal Stagger Inn greeting. So I ended up just leaving a message telling them about the Madame Doom cards and the blank postcards we each got and told them to call us back.

So far? No word from Stagger Inn.

Then my sister e-mailed Black Lagoon Water Park. They just sent us back coupons for a 20% additional entrance fee and an official photo of someone falling out of the raft in the HorrorLand Rapids. As for the Monster Police, I called them (of course), but all I heard was strange breathing. And then the line went . . . dead.

So LM1 and I were a little disappointed that nothing came from our hard work. But a few days later, we got an e-mail from somebody named Slappy. He sent us a link to a video called "What to Expect in HorrorLand." It's a short movie that shows some of the awesome rides and refreshments at HorrorLand. It looks like so much fun that it almost makes me want to visit. Almost.

But then I started feeling like there was something weird about the video, too. I watched it again, and paused it a few times. There's just something not . . . quite . . . right. But so far, I can't figure out what it is. . . .

Be sure to come back on Friday, August 1, for more updates. C U later!