Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Two Questions?

OK, everybody. Listen to this. . . .

A few minutes ago, out of nowhere, my sister got an Instant Message from a stranger . . . whose screen name is MONSTER-X!

My sister told me to cut and paste the chat here so you can see it:

MONSTER-X: Are you Lizzy?
LM1: maybe? who wants to know?
MONSTER-X: You get two questions.
LM1: what???
LM1: do i know u?
MONSTER-X: Are those your two questions?
LM1: no!!!
LM1: do you know something about HorrorLand????
MONSTER-X: That’s question #1. Hurry hurry.
LM1: who
LM1: are
LM1: you?
MONSTER-X: That’s question #2.
MONSTER-X: Good-bye for now.
LM1: wait
LM1: hello
LM1: hello….?

That was it. Two questions! No answers. (Well, not yet, at least!)

No doubt this is a VERY important clue. I just wish MONSTER-X would have answered the two questions. I mean, why tell LM1 to ask two questions if you’re not gonna give her any responses? And why just two???

Still . . . this is so exciting. SCARY, but exciting.

Anyway, LM1 and I are gonna see if there’s some way to find out where the Instant Message came from or figure out who this MONSTER-X is. 

C U 4 now. Come back on June 2 for the next post!