Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something SCARY is happening in HorrorLand!

Today's the day!

It's REALLY exciting, but we have to be sure we're VERY careful. That's the most important thing. Especially on this blog.  

Maybe you've heard of HorrorLand. It's a totally creepy and crazy theme park with lots of awesome scary rides. There are even workers called Horrors who like to totally freak guests out (except for me! I don't get scared!!!).

But lately, my sister and I have been hearing about some really weird things going on there. Like even that some kids are going there and not coming back!!! WEIRD!!!

So yesterday my sister put an ad in the biggest newspaper in the city. We're asking people to send in anything they know about HorrorLand. And she helped me set up this blog to talk about any evidence related to the mission. I'm gonna update a few times a month, so be sure to come back often!

Whenever you see the code name "LM1," that's my sister. She made me promise not to use her real name, and for now I understand why. It's SUPER important for spies to be secret. If we're gonna figure out what's going on at HorrorLand, we need to be careful. You never know who could be reading this, and we think there could be some really SINISTER forces at work. Even though my sister is two years older than me, we're in this together. And if you're reading this, you're already a part of it, too! We're gonna be one big, strong, SECRET team!!!

I have a code name, too. My sister wanted me to be LM2, but that's SOOOOOO boring!!! I tried to come up with something better, and I gotta admit, it was VERY hard. But I told her I would, so I kept trying, and I finally came up with one that I like. So from now on, you can call me...


Pretty cool, right?

Stay tuned right here for lots of updates. And you can tell your friends about the site, but ONLY IF YOU TRUST THEM. The HorrorLand Horrors could be anywhere, so you should be sure you know EXACTLY who you're talking to when you tell someone about this site.

I have to start my homework right now (homework is SO annoying! What's the point of going to school if they just give you work to take home???), but I will do another post next week. I really hope we get a few responses to the newspaper ad...

Come back THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, for the next post!